Twenty design trends for everyone in the world of user interface and experience to watch(out) for in twenty-twenty.

#1 Meaningful value

As technologies progress and give designers and developers these insanely powerful tools, the tech culture switches the conversation towards meaning and narrative rather than emotion and sensation.

Falter Inferno by Wild. A depiction of today’s living hell, daring you to take a look in the mirror.

Gestalt theory implies…

And Not Damage The Brand

Everything an entrepreneur does targets a customer in some way or another. People know they are users and they know they are being targeted. Having showcased interest, people become leads and the attack intensifies.

Marketing bombards people with promises which may or may not be followed by proof. A product…

Moses Kim

UX writer and researcher at Shakuro. Former tech writer at Edifecs & freelance translator. #bjj #ps4

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