This is a highlight of an article written by the talented Kate Shokurova for our company blog and my take on some of the trends.

by Yuliya Volodina for Shakuro

#1 Remote and virtual

This year has presented an opportunity for the digital industry to tap into the realm of physical products because all of a sudden, live experiences became obsolete. Those who’ll be able to channel physicality into isolated online experiences will win a lot of clients. For example, exhibitions, gigs, shows, and deep in-person events are being missed by a lot of people these days.

More on this here.

#2 AI

Year after year AI’s keeping a trending spot…

with UX writing

Beetroot design group

A good designer knows the use of UI copy and treats words with respect. UX writing backs design up and puts interface elements into lean sentences that help people achieve their goals with your product. This is a syntactical approach to writing for UI and it can be a universal guideline for the interface part of UX writing.

“Any common boundary or area of convergence can be an interface.” This is a definition of the word interface which doesn’t come from the computer realm. …

Twenty design trends for everyone in the world of user interface and experience to watch(out) for in twenty-twenty.

by Shakuro

#1 Meaningful value

As technologies progress and give designers and developers these insanely powerful tools, the tech culture switches the conversation towards meaning and narrative rather than emotion and sensation.

Falter Inferno by Wild. A depiction of today’s living hell, daring you to take a look in the mirror.

Gestalt theory implies that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When we are solving a business problem with design, we are contributing to something bigger than a company’s wellbeing.

Affecting people with products is a responsibility beyond judicial. Social impact is gaining momentum and what the company represents while…

For a non-developer person in the IT business, it’s crucial to know the fundamentals of each job involved. It’s good for a designer to know about writing, a good writer has to know design and everyone has to be aware of the pillars of development.

We’re talking theoretical knowledge just enough to appreciate the labor of each other and at least speak the same language when it comes to solving disputes. In this one, we’ll go through a specific yet general topic of object-oriented programming and what it means for non-techies.

Procedural programming

Computers store massive amounts of data accessible within seconds…

How to write for the web

Sorry by Michael Moodie

Design is about using a visual language to communicate the usefulness of something in an aesthetically pleasing way. However, design’s most vocal part — words, has nothing to do with visuals. Words are more than just the shells for fonts. They are design’s secret weapon that carries the meaning that visual elements fail to represent. Words are not magic but they can work some. To follow, are just a few principles of UX writing and how they can be applied.

Text is the second oldest way of transferring information. Text is responsible for the evolution of science because it has…

And Not Damage The Brand

Gym Moses by Folio Illustration Agency

Everything an entrepreneur does targets a customer in some way or another. People know they are users and they know they are being targeted. Having showcased interest, people become leads and the attack intensifies.

Marketing bombards people with promises which may or may not be followed by proof. A product that took months and thousands of dollars to design might never find its audience because marketed wrongfully.

We’ll take a look at how marketing and design might work together to achieve startup greatness.

Innovate, market, or leave

The core of any startup is an idea that has to bring results. Results come from a…

Mini Keyboard by Kee Lee for Smartisan

Typography is what connects people to designers and writers. It is in between users and products. It transfers the information but also drives aesthetic. Typography is a wrap of a word and as much as it can emphasize certain meaning, it can also confuse the hell out of a reader. Mastering typography is impossible without some design knowledge. And typesetting is fatuous unless representing a worthwhile meaning.

We’ll go through some of the practical points a writer might utilize to make an expressive and clear copy and some writing bits that might help a designer take full advantage of a…

With Angular & Firebase

Retail illustration by Sail Ho Studio

Shopping and food delivery carts are a well-resourced topic but what if we take it a little further and create a shared cart for an office community or group of friends that will be useable, clear, and secure. This would take a load of at least one human in that group.

Let me tell you how it goes sometimes in our office. Every now and then we need to make a group order of something or sign up for a corporate event with a choice of food. …

Astro Viking Helmet by Corey Thomas

There are different types of design jobs that are difficult to maintain at a higher level in one person. When you start out in design, there’s a choice to make. Do you go with a creative side and grow as a brand designer or get deeper into the engineering part and interfaces gradually driving into the UX realm? With that said, these are all jobs required within one single project and serving one common goal — helping the client do good.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at how the two different processes branding and UI design can morph…

Cyberpunk Street by Matthew Jedrzejewski

In-app animations make static screens live a little. All the micro-interactions, tiny responses from the interface, transitions do a great job of blending the ways real things behave with a digital realm. Most time, we attribute usability to pleasurable functionality but we never go too deep into what makes functionality enjoyable.

Try reducing motion on your iPhone if you want to start using it less. This means animations attract interaction and help functionality become loveable which is the core of good UX. Here, we’ll go through the types of those in-app animations and where the boundaries of improving the UX…

Moses Kim

UX writer and researcher at Shakuro. Former tech writer at Edifecs & freelance translator. #bjj #ps4

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